A downloadable game for Windows

Become two jammers and take part in drinking competition.

Challenge your friend and prove that you can get drunk faster than him!

Collect alcohol and avoid angry organizers of game jam! 

But remember! Every bottle makes your movement harder to control and your vision more blurry.


  •  local MULTIPLAYER
  •  funny and DYNAMIC gameplay
  •  a lot SMASHING
  •  cool PHYSICS
  •  rag dolls
  •  SHATTERING glass
  • three EXCITING rounds

Controls for Xbox Controller:

Left Stick - Movement
A - Smashing
Right Trigger - Dash

Controls for Keyboard:

Player 1:

- WASD - Movement

- Space - Smashing
- Left Shift - Dash

Player 2:
- Arrows - Movement
- Enter- Smashing
- Right Shift - Dash


AlkoRunner.zip 65 MB

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